The Bay School Mission to offer an imaginative, engaging, and demanding college preparatory curriculum taught by master teachers who model the school's values, to emphasize the centrality of studying science, technology, ethics, world religions, and cultures in the 21st century, to combine academic excellence with a strong community focus, to encourage compassion, confidence, and intellectual curiosity, to build a diverse community of trust, resourcefulness, affection, and good humor. The Bay School is committed to helping the whole person develop in the intellectual, aesthetic, physical, social, and spiritual domains. Teaching and learning at the Bay School grow naturally out of our mission and philosophy. Our commitment to the stewardship of time, for example, suggests a bias towards depth rather than breadth. Accurate and elegant communication in more than one medium requires skill, training, and a great deal of practice. Scientific and cultural literacy result from engagement with and reflection upon the difficult issues that challenge our global community.
The Bay School Of San Francisco, Học thuật, Tất cả sinh viên đã tốt nghiệp, AP, IB, HOẠT ĐỘNG THỂ CHẤT, KHÓA HỌC NGHỆ THUẬT | FindingSchool
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