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Guided by our core values, the mission of Lancaster Catholic High School is to develop students who are intellectually astute, passionately faithful and socially responsible through a rigorous and balanced educational experience. We, the Lancaster Catholic High School community, affirm the following:Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher, is the center of all we are and all we do.We are an institution guided by and faithful to the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.Each person is a unique creation of an all-loving God.Families have the first responsibility for the education of their children in the faith.It is our calling to assist each student, in cooperation with Divine Providence, to reach his or her full potential in this life and reside with Him eternally in the next.We provide a balanced program of spiritual life, academics, community service, and activities which nurture students holistically.It is vital to provide a meaningful and diverse course of studies, rooted in the classic liberal arts tradition, adaptable to the needs of an ever-changing world.Students guided by constructive counsel and discipline are accountable in the educational process and are responsible for their actions.Each person is called to a life of holiness and faithful stewardship.Each person has a moral and civic responsibility to contribute to society.Families, supporting parishes and schools, and the larger community are our partners in the fulfillment of our mission.Members of the faculty and staff are motivated lifelong learners who strive to model Catholic values.A safe, stable environment is essential to learning.The school should be available to all who embrace our mission and who are willing and capable of maintaining its standards.The school strives to be financially accessible to families who are willing to adhere to these core values.
Lancaster Catholic High School, Học thuật, Tất cả sinh viên đã tốt nghiệp, AP, IB, HOẠT ĐỘNG THỂ CHẤT, KHÓA HỌC NGHỆ THUẬT | FindingSchool
3 Yale University 1 người
9 University of Pennsylvania 1 người
10 Johns Hopkins University 1 người
15 Cornell University 1 người
23 University of Southern California 1 người
30 Boston College 1 người
33 University of Rochester 1 người
37 Case Western Reserve University 1 người
37 University of California: Santa Barbara 1 người
41 Boston University 1 người
41 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1 người
47 Penn State University Park 1 người
52 Ohio State University: Columbus Campus 1 người
57 George Washington University 1 người
61 Purdue University 1 người
61 University of Georgia 1 người
66 Fordham University 1 người
66 University of Pittsburgh 1 người
72 Rutgers University 1 người
75 University of Delaware 1 người
89 University of Vermont 1 người
96 University of Alabama 1 người
99 Drexel University 1 người
99 SUNY University at Buffalo 1 người
19 Colby College 1 người
19 Grinnell College 1 người
40 Franklin & Marshall College 1 người
47 Gettysburg College 1 người
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