Our mission statement, refined over more than one hundred years by parent, teacher and student contributions states:"the student and his or her world provide the context for all activity and learning within the organization which, in turn, respects each student as an individual, looks to discover and encourage his or her personal abilities, and work to ensure their full development; the IES International Organization educates in and for freedom. It accepts the challenges that this creates and exerts each student to take responsibility for his or her actions; the IES International Organization does not discriminate on grounds of nationality, gender, race, creed or religion; the SEK International Organization promotes a sense of community in its students. It values work as an essential factor in the growth and self-esteem of each person, and as a socializing process rather than one leading to rivalry and ambition; the SEK International Organization, embracing the principles of humanism, is open to all learning experiences which lead to the achievement of its goals." We also implicitly follow the IBO Mission Statement and Vision
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